Seaman is a leading manufacturer with about 40 years' experience in a wide variety of plumbing fixtures, and professional in Thermostatic Valves, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, and Pressure Balance Valves ....

Seaman was established in 1978. and has developed processes to ensure its customers for the highest level of quality and productivity of plumbing parts and fittings. 
We remain competitive and responsive to the ever-changing international market demands through an aggressive, ongoing machine tool and testing equipment modernization program. Also, Seaman continued growth in our production capabilities and quality output are realized with implementation of a plan for enhanced, streamlined work environment & quality check systems throughout our sequentially built factories.
Through these efforts we are confident in our ability of producing excellent quality products, punctual delivery and superior customer service with respect to OEM/ODM/Customization cooperation. We are building an enviable reputation for quality and reliability of our products as well as our corporate commitments to our ever-expanding customer base.