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Pressure Balance Valve VP-4008

  • Model:VP-4008
  • Specification:Wall-Mounted Tub / Shower Pressure Balance Valve

Product Introduction

Product Description
Wall-Mounted Tub / Shower Pressure Balance Valve :
Durable Forged brass body abstain leakage from high water pressure.                                          
Apply KEROX cartridge.  
Built-in Check-stops on both inlet.
Adjustable temperature limit stop for outlet supply.  
Easy installation and service ability.  
Reversible assembledand tested.  
Factory assembledand tested.    
Economy in cost (body with light weight)  
Available Back-to-Back.             


●Minimum Operating Pressure 20psi (1.4kg/cm2)
●Maximum Operating Pressure 125psi (8.8kg/cm2)
●Maximum Test Pressure 500 psi (35kg/cm2)
●Hot and Cold Water Inlet 1/2" IPS
●Tub Outlet 1/2" NPT 
●Shower Outlet 1/2" NPT
●Flow Capacity 5GPM @ 50psi

●Quick-Connect Module 1/2" PULL/ PUSH Type Diverter

Applicable Code & Standards

ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1

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